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وزارت معارف – Ministry of Education

June 6, 2020

وزارت معارف با بنیاد هیله لرو در زمینه‌ی ترجمه‌ی ویدیوهای درسی تفاهم نامه امضا کرد 15 جوزا 1399 وزارت معارف_کابل: وزارت معارف با بنیاد هیله لرو تفاهم نامه‌ی ترجمه‌ی ویدیوهای درسی به زبان پشتو را امضا نمود. بر اساس این …

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Board Member Inspiration: Spojmie Nasiri

January 16, 2020
We Have Hope Foundation was founded in 2018 to provide educational opportunities for Pashto speaking children in Afghanistan and around the world. Education is the most valuable asset to finding solutions for empowering the Pashtun youth and easily accessible online education is a …
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For the Love of Pashto: Nasrina Bargzie

May 17, 2015
Author: Founding Board Member Nasrina Bargzie I arrived in the U.S. as a five-year-old refugee from Afghanistan. I love both my countries, the one I was born into (Afghanistan) and the one I have adopted (America). Pashto is my mother …
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Board Member Inspiration: Humah Bargzie

May 7, 2015

I am head over heels for Khan Academy’s videos in Pashto because as an educator, I understand and value the excellent work that Khan Academy has provided for millions of learners around the globe. As an Afghan, who cares deeply …