Humah Bargzie

Board Member

Humah Bargzie Talai is a college counselor at Los Medanos College and has five years experience in higher education. She attained her Master’s in College Counseling degree in 2013 from San Francisco State University. She was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan and came to the United States as a refugee when she was eight years old. Humah has extensive experience and thereby extensive ties within the Afghan community.

She has served as Vice-President of the Society of Afghan Professionals and VP of The Afghan Cultural Society. Her leadership has spanned over two decades and she has an intimate understanding of her Afghan community and its needs. Currently she heads the California Chapter of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement. In 2016, Humah and her friend led a humanitarian trip to Greece to provide financial assistance and translation services for Afghan refugees. In her spare time, she enjoys learning to read and write in Pashto, listening to Pashto music, and learning Afghanistan’s rich history and culture.

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